HITS Beauty Brand Peachy Peppermint " SCALP CALMER "

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What’s hittin? : “ Peachy Peppermint Scalp Calmer” Itchy scalp? Our Peach Peppermint Scalp Calmer acts as the perfect calming flaky scalp treatment. Our soothing formula offers the perfect remedy for scalp irritation and dandruff, with key ingredients including: Tea Tree oil to fight fungus and bacteria; Camphor to cool and soothe your scalp; Benzalkonium Chloride to provide instant and long-lasting relief from itching. Our vegan-friendly scalp calmer works instantly to soothe dryness and itching. It works to clear stubborn flakes and skin-cell build-up. And it restores your scalp’s microflora balance, helping prevent repeated outbreaks of dandruff. * Anti-microbial scalp care formula * Tackles both the symptoms and the causes of flakes * Refreshes, soothes and comforts the scalp for immediate, long-lasting relief * Vegan-friendly